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PQ.HOSTING-VPS / VDS, serwery dedykowane i VPN w ponad 30 krajach
Bem-vindo ao Brasil!*
We are celebrating the launch of our new ideal servers. We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to locate your business at a strategically important point on the world map. PQ.Hosting customers can now use our trendy servers hosted at the Matrix data center in Brazil safely and with a high level of performance.

All your projects will be hosted on servers with Intel Xeon E5-2697Av4 processors, DDR4 ECC RAM and NVMe disks of the data center version, and the port connection will be 10 Gbps!

Our partner complies with the highest international safety standards and has ISO 22301 and ISO 27001 certificates. We guarantee that your business will be hosted on the most reliable and secure servers in Brazil.

Do not miss the opportunity to make your business even more efficient and prosperous with the help of ideal servers from PQ.Hosting. Join us and become a part of our growing community today. Welcome to Brazil with PQ.Hosting!
Action in honor of the hosting provider's day from PQ.Hosting

Every year, on March 1, Hosting Provider Day is celebrated in Russia. PQ.Hosting is an international web hosting provider, where a significant proportion of our customers are users from Russia. So let's raise virtual glasses of sparkling wine to our company and to you!

Already, PQ.Hosting servers are available in 37 countries around the world, and we are not going to stop there! Thank you for your daily inspiring support in our quest to reach new heights! The number of servers used by our clients is growing rapidly. Just think about it – more than 50,000 servers have already been launched! Unscrewing all the switches to the maximum and further: the average consumption of servers at the moment is recorded – over 170 kW!

We give you a 30% discount on the order or VPS extension in any of the 37 locations in honor of the holiday! Record a video feedback about our cooperation with you – tell us what you like the most and why you are ready to advise us to others!

What are the video requirements?
Record yourself in a horizontal format. The duration is no more than 30 seconds. We will post the videos on our website and on social networks.

Please note: We only accept video feedback from real PQ.Hosting customers. If you have not used our services before, you cannot participate in the promotion.

Send the video to @pqhosting_sale and the sales staff will activate your discount.

And if your sites are already "spinning" somewhere, then we will transfer them to our facilities for free, and even with a benefit - we will give you 1 month of VPS so that you use PQ.Hosting services even longer!
日本へようこそ (Welcome to Japan)! We are delighted to announce the launch of our virtual server sales in Japan.
Thanks to our cutting-edge servers, you can enjoy unparalleled security and outstanding performance.
We are responsible for ensuring that each of our clients' businesses is hosted on reliable and fast servers in Japan. The choice for PQ.Hosting falls on a modern data center in Japan that is certified according to ISO and PCI standards. This means that all projects will be located on servers equipped with Intel Xeon E5-2697 processors, DDR4 ECC RAM, and NVMe drives from the data center. The port connection will also be 10 Gbps!
Get quick access to local resources and expand your target audience's reach with PQ.Hosting! We're taking advantage of the opportunity to help your business become more successful with a 38% discount on our promo code 38JAPAN. The promotion is available when you order a server for one month before 23:59 on 03/19/2024 (NB: additional or individual discounts will not be applied).
Unfortunately, the moderators of the forum will consider us spammers if we share our updates in every new message, so additionally in the same news we want to please you even more!
In parallel, conquering new locations, we are improving the old ones by switching to the 10 Gbps port. Now high-speed Internet is also available in Finland and Ukraine! Gradually, we will transfer all locations to this port so that our capabilities exceed your expectations!
But that's not all! Hi-CPU rates are now available in Germany on AMD Ryzen 9 7950 processors and DDR5 ECC memory! Of course, the 10 Gbps port only makes this combination more powerful!
I'm afraid you're already tired of listening to the news, but this is the last one for today, we promise! By expanding the offerings of dedicated servers, we have reached France! The tariff lines include powerful servers running on 2xE5-2697Av4 processors (32 physical cores and 64 threads), DDR4 ECC RAM, Enterprise-level SSD and a 10 Gbps Internet channel!
Thank you for reading this to the end. We will try to keep this trend going, delighting you with new updates over and over again! And besides, we will be glad to hear suggestions or preferences in location or hardware. We always try to give you, the customers, exactly what you want to get!
with respect,
The PQ.Hosting team!
Meet me! Backups on PQ.Hosting servers!

The PQ.Hosting team has been preparing for the launch of the new service for a long time and carefully! We have heard from you more than once about the need to include it in the list of our company's main products. Drum roll…

We have launched the daily backup option! Each client has the opportunity to activate the Daily tariff (daily backups) for an existing server or when ordering a new VPS/VDS in one of 38 countries.

The backup will start every day at 04:00 UTC.
Backup integration is available not only for new servers, but also for existing ones. Log in to billing, select the desired server and click "edit".

The cost of the service varies depending on the tariff plan:
5 € per month for Aluminum, Argentum, Ruthenium tariffs;
10 € per month for Iridium, Palladium, Osmium tariffs;
15 € per month for Aurum, Platinum, Rhodium tariffs;
20 € per month for Mithril, Adamantium, Obsidian tariffs.

Don't put off securing your data for later. Take advantage of (https://bill.pq.hosting /) with our new backup service today and sleep well knowing that your data is always safe with PQ.Hosting!
Dedicated servers in England!

Great news for our customers! We are launching sales of dedicated servers in England!

Provide your business with crazy power, ensuring the productivity and security of your online presence.

We are located in the partner's data center, which, of course, meets all Tier III certification standards. The tariff lines include ideal servers running on 2xE5-2697Av4 processors (32 physical cores and 64 threads), DDR4 ECC RAM, Enterprise-level SSD and a 10 Gbps Internet channel with no limit on the amount of transmitted traffic!

Thanks to the constant introduction of innovations, PQ.Hosting does not stop there. Transfer your projects to dedicated PQ.Hosting servers in England and make them perfect!

To get acquainted with the tariffs: https://pq.hosting/dedicated-server-great-britain

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